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Complicated (2009) Feat. Dymunds

Crying (2010) Produced by Skott Summerz

The Furnace EP (2010) Feat. Cee Figz, Skott Summerz, Mark Asare, Dwayne Patrick, Maniac, Truth, Dymunds, Rebler, Rapid, Frisco, Ghetts, Doller, Dotstar, Griminal, Dot Rotten, Tribal Magz, Dirty Danger, Floss, A Star & D Nicks)

Gone Away (2011) Endorsed and filmed by Link up TV.

The Fire EP (2011) Feat. Dotstar, A Star, Ldot T, Doller, Ghetts, Stutta, Griminal, Rebler, Scorcher, Rapid. Supported by Charlie Sloth BBC1xtra, Grime Daily, & Link up TV.

Burnout Vol.1 (2013) Produced by Cee Figz

Someone (2014)  Feat. Joe Grind 

Burnout Vol.2 (2014) Feat Double S & Rebler

E-Motion EP (2020)

E-Motion EP (Acoustic) (2020)

Emotions House Remix (2020)


Mercston - Ventilation (2011) track titled 'Reason'

D Dark - Menace on Tracks (2012)  track titled 'Tornado'

Doller - Dejavu (2012)

Ratlin - Summertime in Mexico (2014) tracks titled 'Bulletproof' and 'Farewell'

Reblah -Believer (2017)

100 Kay - 6 Rings (2017)

Doller - Trap Love (2018) track titled 'Big House Blue Pits'

Michelle Parsons - Let's Collide (2019)

Rebler - Back to Glory (2020) track titled 'Save Us'

Artcha James - Avalanche (2020)

Songwriting Projects

Scorcher - Concrete Jungle  (2009) track titled 'Grownard' performed by Dymunds 

Yetunde Johnson - Favourite Things (2011)

Mercston - E Class (2012) track titled 'Gimme More' Performed by Hannah Kae

A.L Bennett - Love of It

Dwayne Patrick - I CAN Project (2013) Featuring Double S, Rebler, Nolay, Roachee, Mercston

Skott Summerz - Take 1 (2013)

DJ ACE - Bianca Monet Project (2012)

Wizzy Wow - Welcome to Space Motel 

Papesv - Radio (2020)

Michael Maas - Wonder of Life (2020)

Audio Attack - Crazy For Your Love (2020)

Benny has also co-written songs with Mark Asare, P2J,J Warner, Levi Lennox, and Lauren Johnson.

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