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Benny has provided various workshops for Peabody, and has always received fantastic feedback from young people and staff alike.  He has supported a wide range of young people, and is able to demonstrate a professional and effective manner whilst engaging with groups and individuals. Benny has a clear passion for improving the outcome of young peoples lives and is able to drive motivation and commitment through music.

Nadia Kassab, Peabody.

I am Kereen Streete and hold the position of Company Director. Not only does Benny have the relevant experience and expertise to host this project well, he also has the most amazing passion and attitude towards the work that he does and in being a great role model. He is very approachable, enthusiastic and creates a positive environment for vulnerable lives to learn and thrive.

K Streete, Streete Project

I am Daniel Suppey and hold the position of Community Liaison in Vinechurch London. I know the Benny as a tutor on our community music skills training program at Vinechurch London . Benny has the training, skills and experience as well as proven track record delivering such programs.

Daniel Suppey

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