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Letter to my younger self.

I would keep telling you I Love you. 

I would say it so much till it sinks in.

I would make sure you heard me say it, over and over again. I Love You. 

And again. I love you Benny. 

Feel it when I say it to you. Cry if you must, feel uncomfortable. It is okay. I know it feels alien to hear it. With such desire.

Not just the words but through action. Through the sacrifices. 

I would tell you to keep on smiling. To believe in yourself always. To look up to the sky always. To laugh out loud till it hurts. 

I would tell you that you are doing just fine and are on the right path just by the fact that you are trying and you keep pushing. 

I would tell you that you are a blessing and let you know how much joy you give to your parents. 

How your friends adore and look up to you. That you matter and are going to make it through life’s difficulties. 

That you are a strong boy who will one day stand tall as a man. That life is beautiful if you chose to make it so. Believe it so. Dream it so. 

Time travel.

Incase time travel is real and you get my message I want you to know some of the things you achieve by 30. 

You change people lives. Kids and adults. For the better. 

You will have find some calm places you go feel at peace with the world.

You will develop many singers and become an artist/ songwriter yourself. 

You are one creative kid. You’re a little spiritual too with interest in yoga.  You are learning to play the guitar too.

you work with challenging and disadvantaged  children

You write a lot of songs and you just keep learning.  

You really love Turkish food 

You still hate being still. You move around a lot. 

You made some good friends along the way too. 

You’re a good kid. Don’t stop smiling. Remember to have fun also. Look after yourself.

Chin up kid. This won’t be forever. It is temporary. It will pass. 

Everybody wonders what you will do in the music industry. It’s quite a mystery. You are talented but it’s like the universe is taking its time with you. You’re getting impatient though. Guess only time will tell. 

Love you kid. 

Benny Bizzie


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