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Benny Bizzie Sums Up The Events of 2020 With New Track, ‘Treading Water’

Following the recent release of singles 'Pressure', 'Blood In the Water' and 'All the Same' – which gained collectively gained over 100K streams so far - singer/songwriter BENNY BIZZIE comes through with his new single, ‘Treading Waters’.

Boasting rhythmic acoustic guitar plucks fused with melodically tranquil R&B tones, ‘Treading Waters’ was co-written with female producer Renae Rain (The Goddess Music). Inspired by the events of the pandemic, the single represented how it felt going through the daily news, uncertainties and anxieties around the various world events of 2020-21.

Speaking of his latest offering, Benny says ,‘It feels like I am treading water, doing what I can to stay afloat and not lose my balance each day.'

Treading Water is out now, available to stream on all major platforms.

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